Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Coco Chanel

"In order to be irreplaceable, one 
must always be different."

Desktop background from Design Milk website.

Monday, November 29, 2010

the bread bag - yummy pandesal

of apple and nature and harry

Those were the days when Harry used to mean the other half of the pair on the movie "When Harry met Sally" and the silver screen was of much glorified reverence. Today is a day full of the much coveted choices gone awry. It's a dime a dozen to actually make a choice let alone one that has meaning enough to matter. Personal preference is the norm and those once considered good values are put to seethe on the back seat and give way for modernity that just simply fails to cut it for me. Looking around me, I see people who likes things much like the Neanderthals did a couple hundred years back. They are fascinated to see blood and fighting, i guess reason why WWF, UFC, Boxing and the likes are so popular across all ages, cultures and regardless of social status. Modern people like to watch porn. This is a fact. And this will also be the reason why apple and Mr. Jobs' camp will just be alienating millions of users whenever or if they have already banned porn and sites with illicit explicit content on their browser. It will simply not work to go against nature.


from Twitter by Maria Ressa

Reading the article above by Maria Ressa and this line stuck to me: "Here’s what I learned about popularity – people like you if you give them what they want.  The question is – is it what you want?  More importantly, is it what you want to be?" I was never really one to follow the crowd mentality. I have always (well at least most of the time) stood up and spoke for what I believe in to be the right thing. I hope to always live by this. Strive to always be like this in my life.

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Fair Labor" at TED Talks

Labor activist Auret van Heerden talks about the next frontier of workers' rights -- globalized industries where no single national body can keep workers safe and protected. How can we keep our global supply chains honest? Van Heerden makes the business case for fair labor.

I hope to be part of something this man is talking about one day.

And so the story goes...

And so the story goes...

"Agents of Secret Stuff"

Thursday, November 25, 2010


My happy childhood revisited. So happy and excited to watch batibot again after all these years. : )
Kwentong Bayan » Pagmulat ng Mata


Shasta/ Carrie's Song 
by Vienna Teng  "Warm Strangers"

So far so good
You're coming to the bend at the end of the road
You put a hand to the belly that's foreign more
With every day like an oversize load

And you're thinking about clouds the color of fire
And the scent of an orange peel
The way Mt. Shasta explodes into windshield view
And your hands steady on the wheel

So far so good
Coffee motel coffee diner coffee go on
Styrofoam is drying like the tears that once did flow
Starting 10 o'clock and ending at dawn

And you can't go back but you're going back
And you don't know what you'll say
You've got half-formed sentences
Explanations for a life half-broken away
And they just may
They'll take you in their arms and then take out their knives
So you drive on thinking

So far so good
But you can't go on much longer like this you know
You're all alone in this world no that's not true
The nice Christian lady told you so

She was handing out pamphlets by the clinic door
Saying "Jesus knows what you've been through
Take the Savior into your heart my child
There's love waiting for the both of you"

Well you don't believe but you have to believe
It's still crumpled there in your back seat
Were you the hero or the worst kind of coward back there
Putting pavement back under your feet
Couldn't stand the heat
Couldn't stand the thought of ghosts with a negative age
Turn the page

So far so good
You try to sing along to the radio
But it's not your language not your song
It's from some other time ago

And you're thinking about how someone died that day
The you that was so carefully planned
But then again maybe this life is like a sleeping mountain
Waking up to shape the land

Calm calm let it come let it come back to you
Calm calm breathe on out you know you know what to do

sic-o, procrastination and craving a tall hot peppermint mocha

i hate feeling sick when i don't want to be. eyes roll. minds wander. eyebrows raise. i really hate it. i sometimes think that i imagine it all and act like Oedipus and create my whole scenario of the "self-fulfilling prophecy" but i just can't seem to remove the real from the unreal these days. i could be having a late quarter-life crisis right now. my body could be telling me things and showing signs but my pocket refuses to listen. the universe could be trying to tell me something. steer in a different direction. that is clear towards the path to enlightenment. but isn't nirvana when you see light at the end of the tunnel? i could be hating myself right now for what i am doing to the body that has been put to my care. people could be hating me right now for it as well. i could be just plain bored for all i know. am i in the right place? is it the right time? should i be starting what i want to start already instead of playing plants vs. zombies? god. i'm too lazy i guess. and unwilling of change. for all it's worth i know i will just end up with a tall hot peppermint mocha before the day ends and another one starts just like it did yesterday. and the day before that. a never ending cycle. vicious cycle. and it will never end. unless i choose to succumb to the magical word "change". but i'm not going to just yet. there is a tiny drop of fight left in me. need to burn up the candle on both ends i guess.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mc Donald's Twister Fries

@tanyalou: At Php58.00 this 100grams of twister fries @mcdonald's is way too expensive. ☹

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

parvati - chocolate custaroons

image on top is from peter pan's website image at the bottom is my own

What is it about chocolate and custard that makes it so irresistible when it melts in your mouth?  The experience of pure bliss and contented sigh.

Complexity Can Lead to Simplicity

TED Talks

Watching TED Talks right now and I am really inspired by all these talks of hopes happening powered by visionaries who believed in their hearts that they should be doing something to make this world a better one. Complexity can lead to simplicity, clearly a paradox, but since there can only be so much toxic emission we can expire, why not listen and maybe give it a try.

Complexity can lead to simplicity @TEDtalks by Eric Berlow

Design Revolution Road Show

Design Revolution Road Show

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

something old something new

typical nosy me have been addicted to reading blogs for as long as i can remember. i am just that kind of person who will stay up late till the wee hours of the morning reading about people's lives. particularly those i don't know, and wondering how it might be like to live like them, living on the other side of the world. or maybe just beyond where my voice would reach if i shout without too much effort at midnight. i have made a few blog sites with my unknowing curiosity of trying things out and experimenting about something most especially if it's not about me, for me or connected to me. i have compiled too many pictures and too many memories to keep them all on a cold disk of metal. since i like the web and it's anonymity. i like sharing opinions and i like hearing them out. i like to see different perspectives. and mostly, i like to hide behind a cloak of invisibility that i can turn on and off anytime. i realize comfort is a lonely consolation to a vicious cycle that will go on and on in circular motion until the end is lost and the beginning is a blur of mostly twisted ties. so today i try to break free of those ties that bind me to my self proclaimed limbo and declare myself entitled to a piece of sunshine. i embrace change and gladly follow where it leads. hear me. heal me. this is my anthology.
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