Monday, November 29, 2010

of apple and nature and harry

Those were the days when Harry used to mean the other half of the pair on the movie "When Harry met Sally" and the silver screen was of much glorified reverence. Today is a day full of the much coveted choices gone awry. It's a dime a dozen to actually make a choice let alone one that has meaning enough to matter. Personal preference is the norm and those once considered good values are put to seethe on the back seat and give way for modernity that just simply fails to cut it for me. Looking around me, I see people who likes things much like the Neanderthals did a couple hundred years back. They are fascinated to see blood and fighting, i guess reason why WWF, UFC, Boxing and the likes are so popular across all ages, cultures and regardless of social status. Modern people like to watch porn. This is a fact. And this will also be the reason why apple and Mr. Jobs' camp will just be alienating millions of users whenever or if they have already banned porn and sites with illicit explicit content on their browser. It will simply not work to go against nature.
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