Sunday, December 5, 2010

barbie dolls, bfast at night - in and around makati

It's Christmas season once again and it is such a delight to go around makati for the play of light literally around every corner of this city. My friend, Gem and i was wandering around to see what is out there south at this time of merry making, fat indulging, pocket bleeding month of December.

First off we went to see all the nicely decorated Christmas trees at Dusit Thani. Of course the winner for me is the one by Tessa Prieto Valdes which showcased pretty little Barbie dolls with very nice costumes representing different cities around the Philippines.

All photos are taken by me and my low-tech bb camera. :)

You can see the rest of the other Christmas Trees here.

We went around Ayala Triangle for the light show which is spectacular. At the center of one of the buildings (which i forgot the name) going inside has a very nice Belen depicting the visit of the 3 Maggi to the Holy Family while they were at the manger was such a nice symbolic tradition that I hope to see more of. Every time i see a Belen, something inside me just sort of pauses for quiet time to say a little prayer and for a while remember all of the happy Christmases from my childhood.

At the back of where the Belen stands is the light show. It's such a joy to watch all the light dancing around and all the people mingling about and being merry. It's being a kid all over again.

All the images are again from my bb. These images didn't do the whole experience any justice.

It's good to see an old favorite here down south. Banapple has become so popular that you almost always have to wait in line before you get a table. 

We had dinner at the BFAST. I read a review about it and thought it was worth trying out since we were already there and most places were packed. I kind of liked the interior with lots of wood though it was a bit cramped. We ordered the regular breakfast food. They were okay but a bit oily. They had a nice selection of items to choose from. To say the least it was interesting.

It was a nice evening spent with nice company. Am expecting a happy merry Christmas. Cheers everyone!!!!

All photos used in this post are from my own library. Taken with a bb camera. :)
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