Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Out of the Box Reverence

How do you get to tomorrow right now when all you think about is how tonight ends? It is really a futile display of reverence that I subject myself to a vague void that will ultimately never come to fruition. I have thought it over and over and have come up with an answer that is a refined version of my last analogy and it just amazes me how I can come up with so many different solutions but still arrive at one simple answer. That is to move on. It is not a parody that I illustrate a life that is supposed to be happening but is not. I am the villain that has caused me a stunted growth. I lie victim to my own sentiments. One day I will wake up to find that I have inflicted myself with the same prophesy as Oedipus. And it will just be more than ironic because that has to be my most dreaded state.
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