Sunday, January 30, 2011

Adarna Cafe

I have read about this Adarna Cafe, once again, online in one of the foodie blogs i frequent. It's an interesting place to go to. An old house from the Spanish era that has been converted into a dining place. I remember that i have dined at the same place but it was a different restaurant back then, probably 4 or 5 years ago. Dining at Adarna Cafe is an experience of something more than dining alone. The interiors and the rich history  of the old house with an added feel of vintage nostalgia with the old jukebox and items from different circa heightens one's pleasure of the senses.

All the dishes are from different family heirloom recipes that has been handed down from generations and kept preserved and we are now privileged to savor and experience.

The waiters are all enthusiastic in showing diners around the house for all kinds of mementos. Overall, it's worth a visit at least once just for the experience. Those who are fond of history will definitely enjoy. Just a tip though, stick to dishes that is most familiar to you. Have tried more exotic dishes just to be a bit adventurous but have been left wanting to eat at the next Mc Donald's. But Adarna is definitely worth a visit!!

For more details about the Adarna Food and Culture please checkout their Facebook fan page here.
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