Thursday, February 24, 2011

i heart bkk

Thailand is very reminiscent of the Philippines. The first time i ever went there what struck me the most is how similar it is to my own country. The city's skyline, the food, the people, they all remind me of home. The Thais are very prayerful people. Every street corner has an altar where people would stop and offer incense and flowers to show respect in prayer. They bow to their altars the same way Filipinos would make a sign of the cross every time they would pass by a church.

This photo below was taken in front of Central World where there's a prayer area for those who wanted to burn incense and offer flowers to their God. 

Street food is everywhere in Bangkok. I was not brave enough to try them out. I tried out this Vietnamese fusion restaurant instead on top of Central World. I love how almost everything is spicy. Maybe i'll take more chances nest time. (See my other more current blog about BKK)

I will not tire of going back to this city. Check out my other blog post about Bangkok. Cheers!!
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