Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fossil Key-Per Love

I have been looking for a while to replace my favorite Oilily laptop bag that i carry around everywhere even though it does not have a laptop in it. Yes i do use it as my regular everyday bag because i am just so enamored with it ever since i laid my eyes on it that fateful day. I have finally got the chance to ask a friend to buy me these Fossil set that somehow resembles my Oilily. I love bags that are quirky and doesn't look like any other one that every girl on the street seem to be toting about. Needless to say, I am a bag person. When i see one that i absolutely want to have i just dream about it all day and get nightmares about it and i'm not even kidding. The perfect "it" bag is always something that would make me feel better even on the craziest day. I can just imagine hugging it to make me feel better. Ha!ha!!!

So here is the set as i saw on the net. Yes this is how i sent her the picture because i wanted to be doubly sure that i get exactly what i wanted that i saw it online.

The sling bag is quite big, enough to hold a 15" laptop. It has plenty of pockets. It has 2 on the side without closure - i normally put keys here or some small stuff that i need without having to open the bag. You can't put big bottles of water but small ones fit nicely. The back has a pocket with magnetic closure. When you open the flap there are 3 pockets to hold more stuff in separate slots. A regular sized wallet and phones fits nicely. Inside there are 3 more pockets one has zip. There is no zip for closure though, it only has magnets for the flap. The material is clear coated canvass and non-coated canvass. Handle can be adjusted. It has this cute bling on the side just because.

I also wanted a full size wallet to match the bag. It is made with the same material. Has zipper as closure. Just like the bag it has lots and lots of slots for cards and cash and even has a separate compartment for coins and other irregular non-paper or non-card items you wanna stuff in your wallet.

Then there is also this cute little coin purse to complete the set. What's really nice about this is that it has these 2 huge balls as closure in citrine greenish yellow.

I have used these set for quite a while and they are a pretty sturdy set. They are very functional. At first i thought i will have a problem with the flap only having magnetic closure but it really didn't become a problem at all. What's kind of frustrating though is that the un-coated part of the bag very easily gets dirty and i do not know how to clean them. I have not tried cleaning it yet though for fear that I might ruin it or something. I will probably get a professional to do it for me. Maybe dry clean or BagRx or a similar service.

It's a good thing to note that if you want a fossil anything, it might be a better option to buy it abroad or have a friend or a relative buy them for you. I have seen the stuff they sell at the malls and they are so much more expensive here. Maybe twice the price of how much you will pay if you buy it abroad. They do have a wide collection real leather bags that are so pretty and functional i think it is definitely worth the price. But only if you buy it abroad. Not sure why they are so expensive here.....might be taxes?? I don't know really, am just taking a really wild guess.

Here's the website of fossil to view their products. I just love one of their new items called the Explorer Tote in a very pretty shade of Aqua. Hope I don't get nightmares tonight.

The Explorer Tote in Aqua.

They don't ship here yet but hopefully they will in the future and I hope that future is very near!!

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