Monday, September 12, 2011

quote from the 99%

If your participants are not invested emotionally in the meeting's topic, purpose, or outcome, they won't participate at a high level.

missing piece

Have you ever wondered how it is that we become what we have become and not what we actually hoped we would be? But then we would have to answer the question, what was it exactly that we wanted to be? That is a fairly difficult question to answer. When I was young I wanted to be a doctor. Until I discovered that it involved a lot of blood and internal organs. Then I wanted to become a nun. But when I went to a nunnery, i could not stand the sound of silence. Then I discovered a whole new world filled with colors and shapes that have been intertwined. It came with a blazing rebel sign. It looked so attractive to me. I wanted it to belong to me so much. I wanted to be different. But I kind of ended up a bit messed up.

Since we can always start again, I might be choosing to start the slate anew. This time when I pick up pieces if I do have broken pieces, I will carefully turn them on all sides just to see if this is one particular bit that I'd like to put back inside me. So when I put together pieces and become whole again, I can make sure that I have a bit of the old (not necessarily just the good ones, even the "bad" ones that I want) and still have room for new, unexplored slices and shapes that I can wield and master.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

just out of nowhere

Getting ready to do what I have always wanted to do is a quite frustrating journey of never ending hopes that are high and dreams that are a bit too far fetched from a regular girl just out of nowhere. I can always say that I am not searching. I can lie through my teeth that I am content. But I cannot lie to my innermost chakra, the one that I have always been trying to hide from but have always failed to miss. I always end up right smack at the middle with it in front of my face. What I have been avoiding because I am too lazy. What I have been wanting just because I dream of me. The me that I have always thought I was but was always too busy or too lazy to become. But if I just take away all the veils that hide me, I can just safely say that fear holds me back from the realization of what I see in my mind's mirror. I can feel time trickling by the nano-bit of  a second. Precious time that I am loosing that I am aware of and fully allow. I invoke the right to get lost now. Maybe tomorrow when I wake up I will finally get up and finally finally take whatever it takes of me to get real.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marco Tempest: the magic of truth and lies

It's amazing how this video creates sound from the mobile phone. Marco Tempest successfully integrates the sounds and creates an orchestra worthy of TED's.

Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods) | Video on

Can't Get Enough

By Vita Young
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