Sunday, September 11, 2011

just out of nowhere

Getting ready to do what I have always wanted to do is a quite frustrating journey of never ending hopes that are high and dreams that are a bit too far fetched from a regular girl just out of nowhere. I can always say that I am not searching. I can lie through my teeth that I am content. But I cannot lie to my innermost chakra, the one that I have always been trying to hide from but have always failed to miss. I always end up right smack at the middle with it in front of my face. What I have been avoiding because I am too lazy. What I have been wanting just because I dream of me. The me that I have always thought I was but was always too busy or too lazy to become. But if I just take away all the veils that hide me, I can just safely say that fear holds me back from the realization of what I see in my mind's mirror. I can feel time trickling by the nano-bit of  a second. Precious time that I am loosing that I am aware of and fully allow. I invoke the right to get lost now. Maybe tomorrow when I wake up I will finally get up and finally finally take whatever it takes of me to get real.

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