Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my little story about a happy revelation

i have a tiny bit of revelation that spurred an idea that copped out of my head. it's been said, written, made into film, made into a book, made into a song, an artwork, whatever, that happiness is a choice. well, me, i know this phrase like the back of my hand but it being the back of my hand, i never really payed attention.

just during the start of this week which was the eid (i'm not sure what this means, some festival for the middle world as i read on twitter --- my constant source of knowledge these days) while on my way to work with my carpool friends all with long faces because we needed to go to work despite the fact that the rest of the country and maybe half the world is still at home sleeping their asses of because it was declared a holiday, i suddenly get this crazy idea.

i decided that i would choose to be happy. just for spite. because i knew everybody will be dragging their feet. so i did. and guess what, i tricked myself. i pretended to be happy, i actually WAS feeling happy. all day long. then i realized just how much power the mind has. maybe i will be choosing to exercise this power a bit more often now.

who wants to play some?
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