Tuesday, November 29, 2011

throat scratcher? anyone?

I only just survived a sore-throat onset when i am harassed by another one even before i can breathe easy. Just last week i had to take all these antibiotics that made my stomach so queasy i needed to go to the bathroom all day long. On my last day of the meds, i went to divisoria to breathe in all known and unknown microbes. 

Of course i easily caught them all. I am officially sick and a virtual martyr (note: i never really do this, i hate getting up when i'm not feeling well, but i just really really had to). One colleague gave me this candy and it was like literally scratching my throat and clearing up my clogged nose at the same time. 

I thought it was only available abroad. Am prepared to buy online or the next time I go abroad but i later found out, Mercury drugstore sells it too. This is just so super!! Chewy ginger candy made of ginger root, tapioca and i guess a little bit of sugar. It's so super. Try it.
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