Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Role Of Media to the Buying Public

Media plays an integral role in our society.  It has power, sometimes I think too much power that they are able to influence people to a great extent. And they use this so loosely now and with the intention of profit in their minds that sometimes I think there are some very important things lost and forgotten in their pursuit of obtaining more audience that would ultimately result in more revenues for them at the end of the year.

artwork from randomly searching the net, not part of my portfolio, if this is yours and you want your name mentioned, please feel free to contact me
In the previous 6 or so years that I have been working, I think I was able to mature as an individual and I am 
able to form my own (I’d like to think more often than not informed) opinions on certain sometimes too many things that I see in our society and I am often disappointed. I have been privileged to experience so many things and meet so many people whose views, culture, up-bringing, religion, and ways of living is so different from mine that I feel that I am forced to be less critical and more understanding of people and their actions. People have so many stories, places just too much history that I cannot simply believe that one thing can be absolute. The time when there will be no room for change will be when the world and its whole population and habitat cease to exist. Because of this I am also surer of how I feel about things and I have more often than not clear ideas and ideals of my values and how I think things should and should not be.

My background in media and advertising prompts that I always pay special attention to what is happening around me and I look forward to discovering new things and discussing it with friends. Looking at billboards all around while commuting or stuck in traffic, browsing through magazines while waiting in restaurants, watching news on television and surfing the internet to check my Facebook and twitter accounts and checking what’s new with “The View”, “Ellen”, “The Community Channel” and “The Buzz” in YouTube will occupy me until bedtime. Wikipedia who according to Yahoo is fast becoming obsolete uploads information real time. They are very quick with uploading what is happening from all over the world.  When something happens, like when Judy Ann Santos married Ryan Agoncillo last year, it is updated within the day that it happens, real time and I appreciate that so much.  I love love stalking people I do and don’t know on twitter and facebook because I like knowing and understanding them and their choices. Of course I only upload my nicest pictures so I don’t fall trap into becoming somebody’s joke at midnight. I think Friendster should take a hike and multiply should inform people when and if they intend to delete somebody’s account.  You can Google anything and everything under the sun. Only your curiosity and imagination would limit you to learning except of course if you are living in China.

Unlike when I was still just a student, it is just too easy nowadays to collect information. Everything is at the tip of your fingers. This effortless means of gathering knowledge whether it is the truth or not plays an important factor in the way we react to things and communicate our opinions to the world at large, which is, literally speaking also at our fingertips. This in turn leads me to the conclusion that we have more responsibility to be careful of our choice of words and actions.  Because of this technology revolution we and the Media more so have to be, and I stress that we have to be, vigilant of what is put out there for the entire world to blog about or tweet about or post on their walls or like and unlike or something.

artwork from randomly searching the net, not part of my portfolio, if this is yours and you want your name mentioned, please feel free to contact me

The media more than anybody else, because of the sole reason that they have this great power to influence people especially young minds have a social, moral and ethical responsibility to humanity that should not be taken lightly.  The Station IDs of the two biggest networks in the country is an example that I would like to put forward.  Both advertisements are well done. Both wants to uplift Christmas spirits in a time that it was most needed, after a tragedy happened and people are not thinking of celebrating, they came up with something that would cheer up and offer hope to those who needed them most. While watching both advertisements, one twice as long as the other, I cannot help but feel affected by a sense of camaraderie. I am sure that people who watched it were also affected by it.  I think it communicates the right values to the viewers.  Filipinos in general are known to be fun-loving people who are always smiling and always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who might need it. We are also known for being resilient in times of tragedy.  The will to go on after a “storm” is something that is generally admired and both the Station IDs have presented these values well. This is of course just one of the many advertisements and programs on television.  I personally would want to be watching more programs who communicates with the right values that I have grown up believing. More than giving the people what they think the people wants to watch or look at and emulate, I think that the Media should also be a vehicle that would inspire people to be better human beings. I once read somewhere that if you want to know about the culture of a country and its people then you should pay close attention to their ads. There you will see what their people values and what is important in their way of living.  When I look around me I see empty beautiful faces and pointless beautiful things with no meaning or value except its equivalent amount. I would like to one day be able to say that when I look around and see the media bombardment around me, that I like what see there. I trust that we are all wise and sensible enough to anticipate hope and work for a future that will bring good change and better lives.
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