Tuesday, June 12, 2012

of gingers and melons

i don't like combing my hair, i can safely say that i can live without a comb or a brush fr years and years. i am therefore simply loving these dolls with crazed hairs. i would simply love to take on this project!

check more of them out at this site: Ginger Melon on ETSY

so now i want my pink colored lenses back

This image is from WGSN's AW11/12 inspirations.

Never ending, i'm on a journey to a place i don't know really. much storm has passed. sucked in by much dark clouds in my blue and sometimes multi-colored skies. well it's getting brighter now. and a bit more exciting. so let me see where it leads me now. give me my rose tinted shades, i would pleas like to have them back.

photo not from my own collection but from this site:  from http://miriadna.com/preview/362 if you like it, kindly visit their site for more of these
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