Sunday, February 24, 2013

how to buy a BDJ Box

For those who get confused on how they can buy a subscription to the BDJ Box, here's a how to that i have illustrated to help you navigate the site. Hope I have made things easier to understand. :)

STEP 1 and 2
If you have already joined the BDJ community then go ahead and proceed to steps 1 and 2. If not, then create your profile via the "JOIN" button right on top of "LOG-IN" or you can just sign up using your Facebook account.

After clicking on "BOX" you will be redirected to another page that has all the choices for what box you want to purchase. There are actually 4 options to choose from.

1. 1 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION - @Php480.00 - with option to pay via PayEasy (one time subscription only) or PayPal (you get billed every month for 1 box with the option to terminate the subscription any time - so this is the more permanent option since it's a recurring subscription if you choose to pay via PayPal)

2. 3 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION - @Php1,400.00 or roughly about Php467.00 per box so you save about Php40.00 (this is a one time subscription only)

3. 6 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION - @Php2,800.00 or roughly also about Php467.00 per box. Total savings is Php80.00 (this is a one time subscription only like the second option)

4. 12 MONTHS SUBSCRIPTION - @Php5,280.00 or about Php440.00 per box so that's a total of Php480.00 savings that is equivalent to 1 box. This is a one time subscription only and you need to subscribe again every time it expires as you wish.

After you have made your choice you will be redirected to 4 other pages that you need to fill up. Like your contact details and your delivery address or if you would like to gift it to somebody. Just fill out all the necessary information to finish the transaction.

The Payment Options are divided into 2. One is under PayEasy/ Dragon Pay which as a secure online platform to help consumers make sure that their online purchases are secure. The second option is via PayPal which is the older more secure way of doing banking transactions online. I have tried only Option 1 which is PayEasy.

For my first purchase i chose to pay over the counter via BPI. I had to go out during lunch time to complete the payment transaction. Make sure to check your email and bring a copy of the email that Dragon Pay will send you for the reference number. It's very easy. After payment you need to log-on again to confirm the payment made. The link for the confirmation is also on the email from Dragon Pay. After you have confirmed you will receive an email that your purchase is being processed and you just need to wait for the delivery.

For the second subscription that I bought I used online banking payment. This is easier since i only needed to pay via my online banking website. You just have to follow every step and after payment has been made, you need to send a confirmation email of your transaction to to let them know that you have completed the payment transaction. You will immediately get an acknowledgement for your subscription.

It is important to note that you should receive a confirmation from the BDJ Box team of your purchase. Any questions for the transactions can be directed to this email or to Dragon Pay for payments made under the PayEasy option.

Hope this post helped. Live light! Cheers!!!
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