Sunday, February 17, 2013

My First BDJ Box

I was browsing though the net and found this subscription called bellabox and while reading about it i was immediately hooked. I liked the idea that i can subscribe to this website and pay a certain amount every month or 3 months or whatever, then get surprised when they send me kikay stuff!!!

Here is a screen shot from the bellabox website. It's okay to drool now.

I wanted to subscribe immediately but it was too bad that it wasn't available here in the Philippines. From the website bellabox is only available in Singapore and Australia. Not sure what other countries they are available in yet but am sure there are other similar products scattered all around. I kept on telling friends and even harassed one to buy me a box because she's in Singapore but she somehow can't get the hang of it. She keeps on saying her boss is there or she gets stuck in payment, all that sh**t. (Joke!!! PEACE!!!! :) Or so she tells me (heeeheeheee...fine i believe you! ;)

I was so excited about the idea that i even toyed with the idea of doing it here in the Philippines since (i thought) nobody else was doing it yet and it was such a super super great idea. I was a bit let down that I seem to be the only one among my friends who seemed to like it so much.

But let's move on anyways. Fast forward to me being my ever pesky reliable self, i scoured the net for every bellabox un-boxing i can find and after watching too much of it in YouTube i found Glamourbox a local version of the bellabox and of course I immediately signed up and ordered a box. I opened myself up to be at the mercy of their spam mail, liked them on Facebook AND twitter and proceeded to order my box. Finally. Finally. But as i opened a sorry email i was really disappointed that they have put me on wait-list because they didn't have enough boxes to go around apparently.

Then one morning, a friend (thanks!!thanks!!!! ;) texted me to check out BDJ Box and the rest was history. I got my first ever BDJ Box 2 days after Valentine's and it was just soooo super. The excitement of receiving something that you don't really know but you are expecting anyways coupled with the knowing feeling that whatever's inside it's gonna be great is such a nice feeling to look forward to. I will buy a subscription even for just that. I am sure I will have lots of happy unboxing moments. They journey to discovering lots and lots of products is something I will always look forward to. Not to mention my depleting wallet. Maybe I will really have to ask friends (calling people in my circle) you know you can gift me with one. I have about 16 friends on Google+ maybe you can all give me one month. Hahaha!!!!!

This is my first ever box. Looking forward to new ones!!!

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