Friday, March 8, 2013

Sausage & Feta Penne

I always like UNO's pasta when i am craving good food. For those UNO enthusiasts, they would know that the restaurant changes menu every quarter and never repeats an item. So you will be sure that there will always be something new to try courtesy of the restaurant's Chef. If I want really good pasta, then UNO will never fail to appease my appetite. My last 2 visits, i ordered only one item which is an Olive Oil based pasta with spinach, shrimps and feta cheese. I really loved and and thought i can make my own version of it.

Here is my own recipe, UNO inspired. You can make your own variation based on your preference.

Penne Pasta - about 2 cups uncooked
Cervelat Sausage - 2 pcs, halved and sliced crosswise
Spinach - about 2 bunches, just get from the grocery - got mine in Rustan's for about less than Ph20 per pack
Feta Cheese - about 100 to 130 grams, just slice them up about 1/4" thickness by 1" x 2" slices
Olive Oil - enough for sauteing and to drizzle over the pasta
Rock Salt - plain
Mc Cormick Garlic Salt - to taste
Mc Cormick Lemmon Pepper - to taste
Lemon - juice and rind sliced in small slivers (optional)

1. Bring enough water to boil, then cook pasta as per package directions. Add salt to taste. I normally don't put oil because I don't find that they stick to whatever (and if they do, they will separate once you put sauce anyways), but you can if you prefer. It's normally between 11 to 12 minutes for al dente pasta.
2. Saute sausages in olive oil until they are slightly browned to your liking. About 8-10 minutes. Add a bit of garlic salt. I like layering spices (e.g.: salt, pepper, etc.) to my dishes, i just think it tastes better that way. ;)
3. Add the spinach and cook until slightly limp. Take note that they cook very quickly so you might need to turn down the heat a little bit.
4. Add the cooked pasta then drizzle more olive oil, garlic salt and the lemon pepper. Make sure to taste it so it doesn't turn out to be too salty.
5. Add the feta cheese last and some lemon juice and rind. Not too much or it will be too sour. Remove from heat and serve.

NOTE: Always taste whatever you are cooking to make sure that it is to your liking. You can always add or omit or replace some ingredients to suit your taste. Remember that the joy of cooking as with everything else is in exploring what you like best. Happy eating!! Cheers!
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