Saturday, March 9, 2013


When you're young and more carefree you don't really think much of the future. You actually think you are invincible. And you think too that whatever you want can happen. And happen immediately it will not. I never really took to taking pictures during my travels because I had these crazy notions that I want to savor the moment more than I wanted to take a picture of wherever I was at the moment. I was a snob who didn't really think before I jumped.

You know the saying "Never say never"? and my friends used to say "No regrets!!" with such gusto only kids with no real heartaches can ever really say it the way we used to say it. Now that I HAVE grown wiser, yes i would like to stress that I have (haha!!) I would like to mildly amend my snobbish ways. From now on (until such time i say so) I will remember that the moments i would like to savor and remember for all times are best captured not in my memory (who sometimes fail to work despite all those hours with lumosity), it will be nice to capture moments with light caught on film of visible representations of moments in my life that have passed through time.

So i have found a few pictures that was taken from my trip to the US a few years back. I still fondly remember moments in my head. But I would have gotten a lot more laughs if I took a few more.

This is outside of San Francisco City Hall if i'm not mistaken.

I miss those purple glasses.

At the Golden Gate bridge, I had one of our colleagues whose name was Jacques who toured me around the bay area, yes we do have a picture together but I would really sound like a complete snobbish racist with only him and me if i will describe how i looked like in that picture next to him. Jacques was French/American with blond hair and light colored eyes. If you get my drift.

At The Union Square right in front of the Levi's store that had all those jeans so obviously from China.

I really miss my purple lenses. Want them back. I had my hair straightened here by the way.

Inside our Hotel in LA, while waiting for a taxi to go to the next appointment. I remember a Taco Bell in front and a drugstore a few blocks away.

Boss miss. We just ate too much cheesacake factory.

I hope I can find my picture in front of the Betsey Johnson boutique in Beverly Hills....I remember we saw Ashanti at an Antique Denim boutique also in Beverly Hills....we got stranded inside a plane on a connecting flight out of Ohio....I didn't make it to broadway because the consul flagged me down as a person with a restricted VISA and should therefore comply to whatever annotations are in there.....i will never forget all the cheescakes......i remember 5th avenue with all the shop windows closed because we only went after closing time because that was the only free time we had...i remember hopping because of the freezing cold in my white boots in the middle of broadway though....also remember $1 pizza in New York....i remember the starbucks downstairs from the GAP office where we bought coffee before a meeting...i remember rashes all over my midriff because of too much was winter time....all the nine west and tommies and anne kleins that are unbelievably marked down but sold here for almost the list price and people are still buying them....i remember the Johnny Rockets along the bay area that also has the small juke box where you can play music with a coin.....i remember the mall in Ohio where we would go to everyday while we were stuck there for a few days....also remember there were madeleines at the reception in a vendo which were french that i bought as pasalubong anyways......i remember thinking how lucky i was that i was able to experience all these things.

I'm glad i have remembered quite a lot after all these years. Though i might have to go back for a refresher. Happy trip down my memory lane. Cheers cheers!!!!!
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