Sunday, April 21, 2013

Desigual in Manila

Yes you heard that right!! Desigual is right here in Manila! I was walking around the mall when i suddenly see the shop right there in front of my eyes. I couldn't believe it. When i saw their booth at the CPH Vision in Copenhagen i wanted to faint from Joy.  I literally jumped because I couldn't believe i was breathing the same air the desigual designers are breathing. I realize this might be exaggerating it a bit but......whatever!! I was young. I was once crazy.
I have been following this Spanish brand for as long as i can remember. Their style is not for the faint of heart. Definitely definitely not minimalist. It is more eccentric + bold colors and prints + hand crafted all the way. They are not afraid to mix prints on prints. Colors clash all the way and will surely blind you breathless. It opened shop in the first quarter of this year at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall in Edsa, Mandaluyong City.

I looked around the shop and was happy to see the items they brought here has all that desigual craziness in them that I truly love. Will definitely come back to shop. Hope they bring in more stuff. Not sure though  if the more inclined to minimalism and fashion safe Filipino shoppers will like the brand but it will definitely bring in a new dimension to the market.

One of the best and scariest thing in the world is when people have choices. And for the most part at this day and age they exercise their freedom of choice with great abandon. Being eccentric is a choice. It can also be called a lot of names. I just like to call it simply colorful. Here is Desigual's intro TVC for 2013. Like it or love it. Just don't hate.


More of  Desigual if you click on to their website here and their blog. Viva Espana!!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Yulia Brodskaya at LCX HK

I was just recently in Hongkong for meetings and as i was going around the shops i saw some very pretty works of an artist called Yulia Brodskaya. She is a Russian artist as her name implies who creates beautiful works of art using colored strips of paper in many different colors and shades that are shaped into subjects of her artistry.

These are samples of the intricate details of the artist's work being shown at the LCX at the Harbor City's Ocean Terminal in Hongkong. I think i may have seen the artist at work that time. Still working on some pieces for the exhibit.

The theme of the exhibit is very nature oriented with lots of bursts of happy colors intertwined forming intricate designs. It gives you a positive happy feeling just looking at her works on display.

Yulia is of Russian descent. An illustrator who is known for her works using paper as her main medium of expression. She is currently based out of London but travels for exhibits. As quoted from her wikipedia page “Typography is my second love, after paper and I’m really happy that I’ve found a way of combining the two. Having said that, I don’t want to exclude non-typobased designs, I’d like to work on different projects.”

You can see her works being exhibited at the LCX in Hongkong. She has a theme for Google that you can also use if you like her art. Get her theme in the Google Chrome Web Store at this link.

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