Friday, April 29, 2016

UNIQLO - fab finds

Uniqlo is a Japanese brand that I have liked and admired for a long time. They use good quality fabrics and use them in designs that are so simple but well thought of that an item that you buy from them will surely last longer than your money's worth. I used to only buy here when i go abroad but i am happy that they Henry Sy's group has brought that brand for the Filipino market to enjoy.

Much like The GAP from the US, Uniqlo boasts of basic lines and styles in an almost utilitarian design engineering. They have a wide product range covering the core of every person's wardrobe. From knitted t-shirts, woven tops, sweaters, jackets, pajamas, under wears and for me the best among their product line ups ---- the denim jeans.

I was so happy when i found out that Uniqlo was opening here. I finally went to their branch in SM North EDSA. The store is very typical of what other Uniqlo stores are all over Asia and probably all over the world. At least this one is similar from the ones in Hongkong, China and Bangkok. The shop looks very modern and airy. Everything is organized very well and they have a wide range of colors to choose from. Their denim line consists of a complete variety and very affordable. Prices range from Php990.00 to about Php1,990.00 a piece and comes with free length/ inseam alteration. The washes and color shades has a wide range from very dark denim blue to light almost bleached out washes. The details are very wearable. In short it's your everyday go-to denim pants that can be part of your wear anywhere pile. 

I got 2 pairs, one is the Skinny Fit Straight which is Php990.00 and the Ultra Stretch Jeans that sells for Php1,990.00. Both i got in very dark rinse washes. The fit is perfect. I have been wearing both alternately literally everyday for a couple of months now and i am very happy. 

The fabric of the Ultra Stretch Jeans is very comfortable to wear. It just feels like it literally moves with you. Because of the stretch content, it's almost like Jeggings. There is very little color transfer. (i can probably write about that a.k.a. Crocking in another post) So i don't end up with indigo all over my hands and all over. The only thing missing is it doesn't have a coin pocket but really, you can just put whatever it is inside the front pocket since it is spacious enough. I am sure i will wear this one down to bits. 

The Skinny Fit Straight is also comfortable enough because it also has stretch. I just feel that the thigh area is a bit tight but i am sure it's only because i need to loose weight. This pants has a bit of color transfer through out the day. So every time i would wash my hands i have blue indigo running down the sink. That is really not a problem for me though. I kind of feel like I have indigo running through my veins literally which figuratively is the case.

Since the length is too long for me, i had them altered and they had both jeans ready after just 20 minutes. And they have great customer service. The sales people on the floor kind of reminds me of their counterparts in Hongkong. Kind of like mainstream Harajuku meet the streets of Hongkong live in Manila. They're just very cute to look at. Overall this is great value for money. Check out their full line on their website.

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